DGS Tides

 "DGS Tides" - offline worldwide tide and current prediction software for Android, based on XTide (http://www.flaterco.com/xtide/) and WXTide32 (http://www.wxtide32.com/index.html).


  • Runs completely off-line
  • Worldwide station data
  • Find closest port using GPS
  • Search station
  • Graph chart for day, week
  • Next day / previous day
  • Favorites
  • Imperial and Metric units
  • Prediction time in Local, GMT or remote station timezone
  • DST support
  • Moon rises/sets
  • Moon phases
 Want more features? E-mail me: tides@dgs.lt


Graph view 
Overview view 
Map view 
Find closes station
© 2011 - 2012 Dainius Garmus


0.9.8 beta
Fixed app crash when resuming.
Other bug fixes.
0.9.7 beta
Faster startup.
UI changes for 2.x androids. Now looks like on 3.x, 4.x
Bug fixes.
0.9.6 beta
Startup bug should be fixed.
0.9.5 beta
Fixed ads coverage.
Fixed shoreline data downloader.
Fixed some crash issues.
0.9.4 beta
Support for tablets.
Small bug fixes.
0.9.3 beta
Map draw faster
Added downloadables for map zoom
Other fixes and improvements
0.9.2 beta
Fixed tides and currents levels
Fixed time axis hours
0.9.1 beta
Fixed startup crash on devices with internal storage only.

0.9.0 beta First release.